Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And She’s Off!

Our period of rest is officially over. Anna is crawling! She advanced towards this milestone over the last few weeks and she is a little go-getter now. It’s fun to see her set her sights on an object and move determinedly towards it. Of course she usually goes after something that’s off limits, like Jason’s gross, smelly flip flops, or Tope’s toys.

Now that she is mobile, she is able to choose the toys she wants to play with. She’ll play with one item for a few minutes, crawl over to another, grab a book to chew, pick up another toy, etc. It’s neat to see what her choices are going to be – and it makes me wonder if she was getting bored with us giving her the same toys over and over again.

Naturally she has already moved onto the next feat – pulling up and cruising along furniture. And she loves to “walk” with our help.

No rest for us weary parents…

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