Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Talented grandmas

I mentioned in a previous post that Anna and James have some talented Grandmothers.  And below is the proof! 

Grammy Bergstrom knitted each of them a beautiful blanket when they were born.  Anna recently realized the blankets were the same pattern, just a different color, and insisted on spreading them both out and laying on them.  Of course then she wanted to take both blankets back to her room, but relented to only keeping her pink one...These blankets are just one example of the numerous handmade gifts we've received from Grammy - Anna has some beautiful sweaters, hats and scarves, as well.

Gramma Turner made the quilt below for James and it fits perfectly with his room.  The handwork on this is pretty amazing and the quilt includes several special touches on the Red Sox including the name of all players who have had their numbers retired, the Pesky Pole, Wally the Green Monster and the beloved Fenway Park anthem, Sweet Caroline.

We're lucky to have such talented grandmas - keep the goods coming! :)

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KLZ said...

Not only are those blankets gorgeous but they're HUGE. I'm going to have to convince my mom to take some classes ;)