Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Month - Already?!?

I am in disbelief that James is one month old today.  I feel like we just brought him home yesterday.  There goes time flying again...

The little man has settled in well at casa Bergstrom and we've decided we're going to keep him ;).  As his personality emerges more each day, we see him sticking close to our inital impressions.  He is an easygoing, mellow kid.  I know people don't believe me, but he really only cries during diaper changes, baths and when getting dressed.  It appears his one dislike is being exhibitionist tendencies for James (a complete opposite to his sister).

His likes at this point are pretty standard – eating, sleeping and cuddling (he's a very cuddly baby).  Hopefully his love for sleeping will soon result in nighttime stretches longer than three hours.  His major talent right now appears to be growing: at his one month appointment (below) he'd packed on nearly three pounds and added two inches to his height.  So, our 12 pound one month old rivals many two and three month olds in girth – which does make the holding/cuddling challenging on the arms sometimes. 

Happy one month birthday, sweet baby James!

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