Thursday, November 1, 2012


This Halloween Anna and James hit the trick-or-treat path as Ariel the Little Mermaid and her fish friend Flounder.

Being princess-obsessed, Anna's costume choice was not surprising (reference Snow White from last year!). Knowing that James likely will begin to have an opinion on his costumes in the next year or so, I decided to keep them as a pair at least one more time (reference Dopey from last year!). 

Anna of course was giddy with excitement for the trick-or-treating and kept proclaiming her bucket of candy was too heavy to carry. James was much less giddy, in fact he was more confused and overwhelmed at the beginning. That lasted for approximately one house...when he realized he was getting candy, he was all in.  The week before Halloween we had been practicing saying, "trick-or-treat" with him.

During the practice we got the occasional "twick" from James, but when he saw the magic unleashed by the phrase, his diction was all of a sudden perfect! After the first house all we heard was "twick tweet, twick tweet, twick tweet". And, upon leaving a house's front porch, James would get a few feet away and then turn around and say, "more, more, more." 

 Come to think, maybe he won't care too much about his long as the candy is flowing.


More, more, more!

Neighborhood madness.

Could anything be CUTER?!?

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