Wednesday, December 7, 2011

James at 9 months

Well nine months have come and gone - I can feel the big one year mark looming right around the corner. Unbelievable! This month waas a big one for James. He got his two front teeth (just in time for Christmas!), perfected his speed-crawling (he's fast!), and learned how to open cabinets. He is a curious boy who is starting to figure out the world around him. At his nine month check up he didn't quite tip the scales like he has in the past, having gained only half a pound in the last three months. He made up for it in height, growing almost three inches. Here are a few shots from the last month:

I'm still a very happy guy...even in this penguin hat my mom makes me wear.

I got my two front teeth!

I'm  on the move...

...& I get into EVERYTHING.

Me & my pal Emma - the cutest Pats fans around

Ok, I get upset sometimes, too...especially about being in my carseat too long!

I have much more hair than my sister did at this age!  I like mohawks.

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