Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jobs, Probably

Last night as we were reading bedtime stories, Anna and I got off on a tangent about what happens when you grow up. We were reading a book wherein you say goodnight to all the baby animals and I was curious if Anna knew what a kitten or puppy or bunny becomes when they "grew up". Her answer: "They probably get a job or something maybe."

I almost died laughing (on the inside of course). It will never cease to amaze me how perceptive 2-year-olds can be. After explaining that puppies grow up to be dogs and kittens become cats (a fact Anna doubts because she can't fathom Tope ever having been a kitten–her exact words were, "Mama you just being silly. Tope is never a baby cat."), I asked Anna what she would be when she grows up. A mere seven months ago her goal was to be stinky. Last month she expanded on that and said she wanted to be a trash truck (this was said while she was watching the trash cans be emptied one morning…but she stuck with it for a week or so).

Her response last night was, "I think I'll go to work like mommy. Probably it will be fun on the computer."

Then she thought for a minute and added, "But I'll work in the hotel like daddy. And I'll probably have surprises maybe. Like popsicles probably. It will be fun or something.". (Why does Jason's job seem more fun?!?)

As you might be able to tell, Anna is currently testing the words "probably", "something", and "maybe", and everything is "fun". Her vocabulary cracks me up – and surprises me on a daily basis. While on vacation she overheard someone say "dude" and will now drop it in to a conversation along with the occasional "awesome".

Anyways, I told her that if she can find a job where popsicles are a perk she should take it.

For me this exchange was further proof that you can't stop them from growing up.

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