Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A San Francisco Treat!

Call us crazy, but we made a cross country trip with a nine-month-old this past weekend.

We visited San Francisco to attend the wedding of my friend Sarah. She and I used to work together in Boston and we were thrilled to celebrate with her and her new husband Mike. Here’s a picture of the happy couple during their first dance.

While there we took in the sights of the City by the Bay, strolling along Fisherman’s Wharf, eating crab, and braving the crazy steep hills.

Luckily Miss Anna is a very flexible, agreeable gal. She let us schlep her throughout the city with nary a peep. The time change did cause a few tremors in her sleep routine, but we’ll get back to normal soon (I hope!). (Click on the pictures to see bigger versions)

Anna on her SF Stroll

Cute little boats at the wharf

Bib twins!

Sightseeing is tiring!

And, to Jason’s delight, we took a day trip to Napa Valley, (which is probably his favorite place in the world). The weather was perfect and it is nearly harvest time so we were able to get some beautiful pictures of the red wine grapes. Anna was a big hit at each winery, waving to patrons, nibbling on crackers and dipping her toes in fountains. She even ate dinner in a winery (see picture)!

Needless to say we had a wonderful weekend – but it feels great to be home, too!

Beautiful grapes at Silver Oak

Gourmet winery dinner?

I can almost reach the top!

Outside Daddy's favorite vineyard

The view at Joseph Phelps

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