Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Jazz Hands

Is there anything more fun to attend than a preschool holiday concert??  Ok, rhetorical question.  However,when it's your kid, it can be pretty entertaining.  Such was the case with Anna's school performance this year.  Anna is an enthusiastic performer, and especially loves to dance. 

As of now, she says she is going to be a "singing star" when she grows up.  Which is nice for Jason and I because we don't need to worry about a college fund for her...or saving for our retirement because I'm pretty sure having a superstar singer for a daughter will pay off (as long as we don't become overbearing or spill her baby pics to the tabloids.  Might need to take the blog down if she hits it big...)

I digress.  Back to the school concert.  Anna was dolled up for the big gig in her Christmas finery, and she put on a good show.  Here's a video of her - middle front row, rocking the songs and choreography.

Ready for the show.
So, not part of the performance, but Santa did make a visit to her class.
The Christmas performing continued with caroling at a retirement home.

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