Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lots of nothing

Our daily schedules keep the Bergstroms going at a fast pace. Busy, busy, busy, seems to be the standard mantra. During this time of year, though, we are able to slow down a bit, put away our work responsibilities, and spend some solid quality time together, which always serves as a good reminder to me of what is truly important. Over the last few weeks we spent fun times with family and friends and did, well, a whole lot of nothing. Which was great. I highly recommend it. Here's a sampling of our activities:

We went strolling in the park.

We had mohawks in the bath!

We made cake pops!

We played with a tolerant Tope.

We tried roller skating!

We rollerbladed holding a baby walker
and pink skates...

We made our own bubblegum!

Beware of the blue, uber-sour gum!!

We spent some mom-Anna time getting our nails painted.

Princesses took ornaments off the tree...

We saw the Botanical Garden lights.

Anna turned into a red-nosed reindeer

Anna got sick :(.  She was down for the count for
two days with a stomach bug.

We played Rapunzel.

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