Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bath time!

Now that James is sitting, he and Anna take baths together (huge timesaver!!).  James has always been a fan of the bath and is absolutely delighted with Anna being in the water alongside him. He quickly learned that splashing will elicit laughs from Anna - yet, he seems to ignore my requests to keep the water in the tub...  For her part, Anna is a great big sister in the tub, entertaining James and being surprisingly understanding if the bath needs to be cut short due to James' antics.  In fact, she's so understanding that she was hardly phased during their third bath together when James, well, you know, pooped in the tub.  Once I realized what the funny look on his face meant, I yelled at Anna to get out, get out, get out of the water!!  She obliged quickly but laughed the whole time, and was even helpful in cleaning out the tub.  Ahh, life with a baby.

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