Monday, June 28, 2010

Pure Magic

So, a little late to be blogging about our visit to Disney (from over one month ago!), but here are the details, nonetheless...

Although we were on vacation for 10+ days, our one-day stop at Disney World definitely stole the show for Anna. She is still asking when it will be her turn to go back to Mickey's house and she will regale anyone who asks her with the highlights from the day. I am amazed by the minute details she remembers and spouts off.

Here are her favorite things to tell people:

"We rode Dumbo but the first time the purple one was broken and we couldn't go up and down. So then we rode the orange one."

"Snow White was scary." (the ride - and it was the first one we went on, which didn't give me high hopes for the rest of the day - but all turned out ok)

"I saw Woody in the parade."

"Buzz Lightyear walks like this..." [picture an imitation here]

"I like Mickey's house - I'm going back soon."

I don't care what people say about Disney - there is clearly some magic working there.

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Elizabeth Seymour said...

The first time we took 3-year-old Clare to Disneyland, we did Snow White first, too - and Tim and I spent the next 10 minutes fearing our day was ruined. When are they going to get rid of that ride? I don't know of any child, much less little princess-loving girl, who has enjoyed it!