Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning

The big day finally arrived and although Anna doesn’t yet understand what Christmas is all about, I think she liked it (duh!). Prior to Christmas morning, we had placed nothing under the Christmas tree because if Anna is good at one thing, it’s opening presents. When Anna came down the stairs, the expression on her face was priceless – I wish the garland wasn’t in the way so we could get the full effect. (You’ll notice the cute Santa PJ bottoms didn’t make it to Christmas morning…Dad had to make a switch after a diaper leak….)

Once she made it down the stairs she was a bit overwhelmed and kept looking at us to figure out if she could actually approach the toys awaiting her. After getting several affirmative responses from us, she made a beeline for the kitchen Santa brought her and spent a good chunk of time “cooking” for us. It took awhile for us to entice her away to check out her other loot (which worked well because Aunt Maddie was sleeping in!).

Anna also received a dollhouse with extra special meaning – my Grandma and Grandpa Turner made it for me when I was little and it was passed down to Anna this year. My mom performed a “renovation” to bring the house up to today’s style (long gone are the green and mustard paint and shag carpet which was en vogue when I was little!). Anna’s house has tile floors, wood laminate, plush carpet and even a new roof! It
has quickly become one of Anna’s favorite toys. Grandma Dodie – do you recognize this house??

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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Mom said...

I had a dollhouse exactly like that when I was a little girl. My dad made it for me and my mom had wallpapered the walls. I'm not sure what ever happened to it and I am so bummed about that! I refuse to buy some cheaply made, mass-produced "doll house" since I know quality exists (if you've got the know-how). I'm so jealous of Anna's doll house. Maybe I can talk Stephen into attempting to build one...ha! It's gorgeous!